Wrist Strap Ground


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4720 Series grounds provide a ground for the wearers of wrist straps conveniently mounted underneath a workstation or bench.

Mat grounds have a 15 ground cable that ends in an eyelet.

This can be screwed into the local electrical outlet or a metal railing connected to your floor.


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Dimension Specification
Plug Type Two Receptacles for Banana Jacks
Parking Snap 4mm Stud
Grounding Cable Length 15 Feet
Grounding Cable Insulation Polyurethane / PVC
Grounding Cable Terminal Ends in #10 Ring to Screw into Electrical Outlet
Resistor No Resistor

Connect Wrist Straps to Ground

Electrical outlets are normally the best ground for a wrist strap in any building. This is because the wiring of outlets typically follows the piping of the building to earth underneath the building.

Wrist Straps can be grounded at a common point with a mat or separately to a wrist strap ground that ties into an electrical socket

The coil cord for a wrist strap ends in a plug that can be connected to a banana jack on the wrist strap ground.

Component Parts for Grounding an ESD Wrist Strap

The ground cables for the wrist strap ground end in an “eyelet”. This eyelet is a metal ring that you can screw into the nearest electrical outlet to transfer static from the ground to the electrical outlet.

If you cannot reach an electrical outlet the next best thing to do is to use the “alligator clip” that comes with the wrist strap. Slide the clip over the cord’s plug so that it can be clipped to a railing that leads to your floor below.


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