Elimstat Bench Top ESD Air Ionizer


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• Eliminates Static from Ungrounded Objects (like bags) on table top surfaces

• Weight: 4.5 lbs.

• Dimensions: 9 1/2″ (height) x 6″ (width) x 3.1″ (depth)

• Steady State DC Air Ionizing Corona (see below)


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Discharge Time2 seconds @ 12 inches (1000v to 100v)
Size9 1/2″ (height) x 6″ (width) x 3.1″ (depth)
Weight4.5 lbs
Air Flow at Low Speed50 Cubic Feet per Minute
Air Flow at High Speed100 Cubic Feet per Minute
Output of Positive / Negative IonsOn the back of the unit is a potentiometer which can be turned clockwise
to increase the output of positive charge, or counter-clockwise to
increase the output of negative charge.
Quality AssuranceEverytime the unit is turned on it conducts a self-test to confirm balance
and output compliance. The inclusion of a TIA / RS-485 data port enables
the configuration of (LAN) local area network and multidrop communications
links to remotely monitor and record the status of the unit with software.
Auto-BalanceOnce you have established your chosen balance of positive to negative charge
the unit uses sensor feedback to its grill to monitor and adjust voltage to its
emitter points to maintain your chosen balance. In the event of circuit failure
it will shut down and you will need to turn the unit off and clean the emitter
points with isopropyl alcohol wipes. (Refer to User Manual Page 4 for
emitter point cleaning instructions.)

Steady State DC Corona Ionization

Steady-State DC Corona Ionization. The DC (direct current) is applied to a sharp emitter point it creates an electric field or “corona” around the emitter. This high voltage corona of ions then interacts with electrons in the nearby gas molecules “cleaning” the air of unwanted charged air molecules.

Diagram of How Direct Current Power Ionizers Work

Unlike AC corona ionization, which emits both positive and negative ions from the same emitter point, DC corona ionizers emit ions from separate positive and negative emitter points.

Since the ions are emitted from separate points, there is much less recombination of ions.


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