Cleanroom Paper


Clear 8.5″ x 11″ (Letter Size) Cleanroom Copy Paper is constructed of a proprietary polymer formulation that can be used with inkjet or laser printers that prevents the paper from fragmenting.

• 250 Sheets / Package; 10 Packages / Case (2500 Sheets) $12.24 per Package


Unlike regular paper that sheds pulp particles when torn, our paper is coated with a proprietary polymer formulation that prevents fragmentation of individual cellulose fibers.

PropertyTypical ValueTest Method
Basic Weight76.7 gm2 +/- 4%
Width5 mils, .127mmCaliper
Surface Resistivity5.5 x 1010 Ohms SquareEOS/ESD S11.11-1993
Tear Strength (MD) ≥ 300 mNElmendorf Tear Test
Tear Strength (CD)≥ 400 mNElmendorf Tear Test
Opacity≥ 85%
Particle Generation TestMeasured Value
Flexing Test ( ≥ 0.5 um )20 Counts / Cubic Feet / Sheet
At Rest ( ≥ 0.5 um )3 Counts / Cubic Feet / Sheet
Talc Check (by SEM-EDX) < 5 Particles


AnionTypical Value
CI0.0004 ug/cm2
F0.012 ug/cm2
Br0.0002 ug/cm2
NO2Not Detected
NO30.001 ug/cm2
PO4Not Detected
SO40.041 ug/cm2


AnionTypical Value
LINot Detected
Na0.10 ug/cm2
NH40.03 ug/cm2
K0.14 ug/cm2
Mg0.08 ug/cm2
Ca2.00 ug/cm2


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