Sticky Floor Mats

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• Adhesive bottom sticks mat in place on floors at doorway entrances. Top tacky plastic sheet grabs dirt off footwear pressed into it.

• 30 Sheets / Mat. 4 Mats / Carton. Sold per Carton.


Sizes Qty 1-9 Cartons Qty 10+ Cartons
18″ x 36″ $50.60 $42.17
24″ x 36″ $64.80 $54.00
36″ x 45″ $105.26 $87.72


Dimension Specification
Composition Low Density Polyethylene (LDPE) Plastic
Thickness / Sheet .048mm + / = 5%
Thickness / Mat 1.44m + / – 5%
Peel Adhesion 612g / 25mm (top layer)
Colors Blue, White

Numbered Sheets

► In the corner of each mat is the number of the sheet you are using.

► Each carton contains 4 mats with 30 replaceable sheets.

► The sheets count down from 30 to 1.

Cleanroom Contamination

While HEPA Fan Filter Units clean air coming into a cleanroom, sticky mats (or tacky mats) are used to stop dirt and microorganisms on floors from entering the cleanroom.

What is a micron particle?

One micron is one-hundredth the width of a human hair. The smallest particle seen with the naked eye is a 10 micron particle. Although cleanrooms are under positive pressure, micro-organisms can exist on clothing and unwashed hands, and keep in mind humans shed our outermost layer of skin every 24 hours: 1 billion flakes every 24 hours. One flake is 35 microns.

What are the standards used for evaluating cleanrooms?

Before international cleanroom classifications and standards were adopted by the International Organization for Standards (ISO), the U.S. General Service Administration’s standards (known as 209E) was used by most manufacturers in the United States.

209E denoted cleanrooms by how many 0.5 micron particles or larger were permitted per cubic foot. For example, a Class 100 Cleanroom would not have a total of 100 particles sized 0.5 micron or larger.

While these standards have been superseded by the newer ISO standards, in the United States it is still common to build clean rooms to the old 209E specification.

CleanFast Cleanroom

CleanFast HEPA Fan Filter Unit

CleanFast Cleanroom Curtains


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